Watch Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Go Head-To-Head In Their First Debate Here

Last July, Donald Trump descended a golden escalator to announce his presidential candidacy, and life in America would never be the same again. Since that day, we’ve seen Trump engage in too many feuds to count and go toe-to-toe with Megyn Kelly in prior debates, but tonight shall be a different story. Or will it?

Tonight, Trump will face his most formidable rival, Hillary Clinton. All of those guys (and one Republican gal) in primary season were no match for the real estate mogul’s pomp and swagger, but Clinton’s already gone more rounds than Trump in debates like this. He’s fast and loose on his feet, but she holds an undeniably long record in public service. She’s got the policy background and engaged with many world leaders, but can she stand up against a reality star who loves to perform?

Clinton will reportedly have not-so-secret weapon Mark Cuban stumping for her in the front row, but Trump will have several guests of his own — including Bengazi survivor Mark Geist, Gold Star mother Karen Vaughn, and General Michael Flynn — in the audience. The intimidation shall be strong, but the candidates will likely be stronger.

Let the games begin, and thank you for joining us on this exciting night.

(It IS exciting.)

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