The White House Staff Has Been Pranking President Obama With Creepy Snowmen

President Obama’s staff seems to be ribbing their boss (and killing time till Inauguration Day), by placing creepy snowmen outside of his Oval Office windows. The Commander-in-Chief admitted earlier this month that the White House’s decorated snowmen freak him out, but nonetheless, he is being a good sport.

Obama has never been one to take himself too seriously, which is a stark contrast from his successor Donald Trump, who doesn’t seem to take too kindly to being joked about. Obama has openly admitted his affinity for dad jokes and is more than welcome to be the butt of a joke. And in the final weeks of his administration, his staff is having a little fun at his expense. White House photographer Pete Souza said the snowmen prank is just a harmless rib, saying “Sometimes you gotta have fun:”

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Waiting for some snow.

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Having an inanimate object peering at you through a window in a menacing way can stoke the most vivid nightmares and others had a little fun with the ready-to-go meme:

Oh, to be a fly on the wall during the conversation between the staff and Secret Service about placing the snowmen outside of his office.