The Tiki-Torch-Carrying Nazis At The UVA Campus Prompted The Internet To Point Out How Ridiculous They Looked

The influx of white supremacists, Nazis and far-right nationalists in Charlottesville, Virginia has become a front and center issue following violent clashes. Things have escalated to the point of Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe declared a state of emergency on Saturday amid the chaos surrounding the Unite the Right rally. Some truly frightening and disturbing images are coming out of Charlottesville, but you can always rely on Social Media™ to mock racist idiocy with an expert touch.

The image of a gaggle of Tiki Torch wielding white supremacists inspired Twitter to have a field day with the patio set Nazi swarm staring back into the camera. For a fire brandishing vision of hate, it was incredibly easy for folks to point and laugh at these snarling men and silly accessory of intimidation.

Michael Rapaport took to Instagram to run down the “little coffee cup wearing white nationalists”

Unless this is all one repugnant viral marketing stunt, it seems like the torches brandished had the exact opposite effect than the men holding them intended. They went for intimidating and instead teed themselves up to be picked apart in hilarious fashion.