Kellyanne Conway Meets Her Match When A Shouting Whoopi Goldberg Digs In On Trump’s Missing Taxes

Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway made an appearance on ABC’s The View on Thursday, and the show’s five hosts were not about to let her leave the studio without answering some tough questions. Though all of the hosts took their shot, Whoopi Goldberg, in particular, was not about to let Conway spin Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns.

When Conway attempted, as usual, to turn the conversation to Hillary Clinton, Goldberg interrupted her. “Here’s the problem, Kellyanne, once you open that can of worms, we then have to open your can of worms.” Summarizing Trump’s various excuses about why his tax returns can’t be released, she demanded, “Where are his damn tax returns and why don’t we know what he’s spent? Where is it?” Conway smiled, appearing bemused. But Goldberg wasn’t finished. “What is Donald Trump hiding by not releasing that information?” she asked. “I want to know since every other president has had to do it, where are the tax returns?”

Conway repeated Trump’s excuse that he would release his tax returns after he was done being audited by the IRS, but Goldberg immediately interrupted. “It’s bull,” she said. “It’s bull! The IRS says it’s bull. What’s he hiding? What is he hiding?” She continued to repeat the question until Conway shouted, “He’s not hiding anything!”

Later, when the interview moved on to Kurt Eichenwald’s Newsweek story about Trump violating the U.S.-Cuba trade embargo, Conway did not deny the allegations. Though she laughed off the story itself, she also may have unknowingly admitted that Trump broke the law.

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