Winter Storm Quinn Has Caused Thousands Of Flight Cancellations In The Northeast


While the Northeast is still dealing with the effects of Winter Storm Riley (thousands still without electricity, trees felled by high winds making roads impassable), it’s already started to feel the effects of Winter Storm Quinn as it arrives, bringing with it thundersnow which could deposit as much as a foot in some areas. Emergencies have been declared in a few states already, including Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and thousands of flights across the region have been canceled, too.

Taking the lead from mayors in several Northeastern cities who have urged people to stay home if possible, airlines began preemptively canceling flights and are expected to continue doing so as the snow keeps falling and making travel conditions more precarious. Since over 2,000 flights have already been canceled, the airlines are encouraging travelers to confirm whether or not their flight has been canceled before venturing out to the airport, even if social media has recently been updated.

In an effort to reduce airport congestions, airlines like Jet Blue and Delta announced they were waiving change and cancellation fees for travelers in the storm’s path.

Other airlines encouraged customers to rebook before the storm hit to avoid a later headache.

(Via The Weather Channel)

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