Wolf Blitzer Tries To Corral A Wild Rudy Giuliani While Discussing The FBI’s Interest In Hillary’s Emails

Rudy Giuliani was once again summoned from his crypt to appear on television and support Donald Trump, this time opposite CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Friday. The topic was obviously going to be the FBI’s additional interest in Hillary Clinton’s email and the confusing air that surrounded the initial announcement from Director James Comey. In the process of the conversation, The Situation Room became more of a fighting ring with Blitzer playing matador to the wild-eyed Giuliani.

On the scale of Giuliani appearances we’ve seen this election, it’s far from the heights of his RNC speech and far from his sparring session with Jake Tapper that featured him calling Trump a “genius” for his tax shenanigans. But it’s pretty good and it’s one of the rare moments you see Wolf Blitzer put in his empathy chip and show emotion during an interview. If he’s anything, he’s a cool steady breeze from interview to interview. Here you see him get as flustered as Blitzer can get flustered while trying to hit Giuliani with the facts behind the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email and what Comey said during his testimony in Congress.

We’re close to this election being finished, which will be a sad time for most of these folks. This might be the most animated election in history and we’re about to say goodbye to all of that. Soon it’ll be discussions about missing planes, black holes, and North Korea for 24 hours a day.

(Via CNN / Mediaite)