The NYPD Arrested A Group Of ‘Day Without A Woman’ Strikers Outside Trump International Hotel

International Women’s Day was greeted in the United States by clumsy Donald Trump tweets (and he was later shown up by Justin Trudeau’s classy moves in Canada). Many schools and restaurants closed their doors in solidarity with the Day Without A Woman strikers, who attempted to sustain momentum from post-Inauguration Day marches. However, the atmosphere surrounding Trump International Hotel was not a welcoming one, and at least 13 protesters were taken into custody during a rally.

The situation remains rather ambiguous, but those arrested include several Women’s March organizers — including Linda Sarsour (national co-chair), Bob Bland (national co-chair) Paola Mendoza (artistic director), and Tamicka Mallory (organizer) — along with New York City Justice League founder Carmen Perez. The group was taken into custody and carted off to a local precinct, and an NYPD spokesperson says the group was officially arrested for “disorderly conduct.” reveals that those who were arrested were forming a human chain near the corner of 59th Street and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan while the NYPD cautioned protesters to stay out of the street. The Women’s March tweeted throughout the incident and kept followers updated on where to (further) protest the arrests.

(Via Women’s March, Huffington Post & Daily Dot)