Women Are Tweeting About Their First Assaults In The Wake Of Donald Trump’s Unearthed Comments

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On Friday afternoon, a recording was unearthed of Donald Trump making lewd comments about women and boasting about sexual assault. While Trump saying awful things about women is nothing new, these latest comments are some of his most disgusting yet. Trumps blasé attitudes towards consent in these recordings are essentially the very definition of rape culture, and women online are seeing their own stories of assault in his callous words.

Writer and comedian Kelly Oxford took to Twitter on Friday night to give these women a forum to share their own stories in order to show that while Trump’s words may seem innocuous or just “boys being boys” to many, they actually belie a deeper cultural issue.

The sheer number of responses, while tragic, is hardly surprising. Despite the inevitability, this twitter thread is remarkably difficult to read.

The saddest part is that these tweets are the very tip of the iceberg, as thousands of women responded with their own stories of sexual assault. When Donald Trump jovially speaks of groping women against their will, nearly every woman has flashbacks to her own similar situations. This is not just “locker room talk.” This is an unfortunate reality that women have to deal with, and it has to end.

(Via Kelly Oxford’s Twitter)