David Duchovny And Gillian Anderson Join The NFL Protests And ‘Take A Knee’ From The Set Of ‘The X-Files’

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson took a break from shooting The X-Files to join a slew of football and baseball players, not to mention several television and music industry celebrities, in taking a knee. The pair made no comment other than the photo itself, which each tweeted with the caption #TheXFiles #TakeAKnee. Fans responded swiftly with some choice GIFs and promo photos lifted from past X-Files seasons, and some remarked that the posture looked familiar…

Meanwhile, President Trump has been tweeting about “fake news” and doubling down on his narrative that the protest is against the National Anthem and flag, not against police killings of black Americans. Unfortunately for him, the harder that he digs into the NFL, the more high-profile Americans join the cause started by Colin Kaepernick.

So far, the athletes, actors, and performing artists who have taken a knee or locked arms in solidarity include some or all members of over 25 football teams along with their coaches and owners, and in one instance, a Georgia Tech cheerleader. Stevie Wonder took a knee at at the Global Citizen Festival. Pharrell Williams did so at a benefit concert for Charlottesville, an especially powerful gesture given that the president praised “both sides” who rocketed that city into headlines after protesters clashed with white supremacists. And Sean Combs, better known as Diddy, offered a message of support online to NFL players. “If y’all do whatever you do in unity, you can’t be stopped,” he told them. “Y’all our strong heroes.”

(Via Deadline & Fox News)