A 9-Year Old Got In Trouble For Wearing His ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat At School

On the one hand, a child should be able to support his presidential candidate, but on the other hand, with a candidate who maintains such caustic and divisive rhetoric as Donald Trump, it kind of makes it a conundrum of sorts when said boy does so in a public forum. Such is the dilemma that 9-year old Logan Autry finds himself in.

The California third-grader wore a hat that stated “Make America Great Again,” the slogan that’s being used for Trump’s campaign, to school this past Thursday. What followed was a swarm of “negative emotions” in the school, some students even confronting Autry to tell him that Trump was “stupid.”

“I had to explain to them what Donald Trump was actually doing,” Autry told KSEE-TV. Trump signed the young supporter’s hat at a rally, and Autry states that it’s his “favorite hat.”

After an incident occurred at the school, the principal asked Autry to remove the hat. The boy invoked his first amendment. “However, to be clear, school officials never imposed an outright ban,” Supt. Michael Hanson said. “The student was not banned from school and was never banned from wearing the hat.”

School officials attempted to contact Autry’s parents in order to tell them that the young man could still wear his hat as long as no more disruptions occurred. Students are allowed to wear hats outside of the classroom as long as it doesn’t cause “safety concerns, draws undue attention to the wearer or tends to detract from the educational process.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Autry hopes to become a politician some day.

(via LA Times)