The NBA’s 10 Best Dunks Last Week

Counting down from last Saturday, it’s the 10 best dunks of the week, featuring a pair of windmills from the league’s top athletes and a few of the top posterizations of the early season, led by a rookie and a couple of newcomers.

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10. Serge Ibaka Dunks Over Andrew Bogut
The dunk by Ibaka is the highlight, but credit should be doled out to Kevin Durant, who showcases that improved passing ability with a perfect pocket pass to an open Serge in the lane.

Serge only needs a little bit of room for takeoff to punch it in over one of the league’s top post-defenders in Andrew Bogut, who arrives late to the challenge.

9. John Wall Goes 360
I have to say, that was some weak defense by Pau Gasol swiping at John Wall as he broke up a Laker fast break. Then again, did he really have much of a chance in a footrace against Wall?

8a. Gerald Green Windmill

8b. Paul George Windmill
With two equally impressive windmills being thrown down by one of the year’s early surprises in Gerald Green, who has gone from out of the league to starter in four years, and an MVP candidate in Paul George, it wouldn’t have felt right to rank one over the other.

You decide who threw it down better.

7. Markieff Morris Stuffs It Over Chris Andersen
If I was a young, athletic NBA player, chances are the one person I would prefer to have guarding me on the perimeter is Rashard Lewis.