10 NBA Players Who Need A Documentary

Since we know Steve Nash is starring in his own self-titled documentary, presumably on what it means to be Steve Nash, what other NBA players need their own movie? We’ve heard enough about LeBron and Kobe and Shaq and MJ and Magic and Bird. What about Matt Bonner and his penchant for living the wild life? How about an entire documentary dedicated to the life of James Harden‘s beard? Kendrick Perkins‘ scowl? These are the real stories, the stories that need to be told.

So here’s my list: the 10 guys in the league who absolutely need a film done on their lives.

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10. Baron Davis– Is there any NBA player who has had a more successful underachieving NBA career? On one hand, Davis could’ve been one of the best point guards ever, but couldn’t always stay in shape and didn’t seem to care enough. At the same time, he’s making moves in the film industry. We know a documentary on his rise in both basketball and filmmaking would be awesome because he actually knows how to produce and edit.

9. Michael Redd/Brandon Roy– Two fallen stars. Two stories about what it takes to make it back. Neither Redd nor Roy has made it back – and they might not ever get back – but it would make for an interesting story. Blazer fans probably shouldn’t watch.

8. Serge Ibaka– Ibaka’s rise from a nobody to a somebody has come so fast. When he first came over, he didn’t even speak English. Now, he has the makings of a cornerstone on a championship contender. Hopefully, Dikembe Mutombo would make an appearance.

7. Zaza Pachulia– If you didn’t know, Zaza is actually a pretty successful businessman. He’s opened a couple of restaurants in Atlanta and his newest one, Buckhead Bottle Bar, is doing very well. Who wouldn’t want to see Pachulia checking on the cooks and introducing himself to guests, all the while riding his waiters and waitresses by grabbing the DJ mic and bellowing out “Nothing easy! Nothing easy!”

6. Amar’e Stoudemire– If you knew exactly what STAT had to go through just to make it to the NBA, then his repeated comebacks from severe injuries wouldn’t be surprising at all. Stoudemire just doesn’t break, and the story of that will to succeed would be awesome.

5. Caron Butler– Another rags-to-riches story, Butler was arrested 15 times before the age of 15. I’m surprised no one has really completely told his journey yet. To turn your life around in just a few short years to the point where he was drafted after his sophomore year at UConn is almost unprecedented.

4. Chris Andersen– The “Birdman” would bring a whole new element to reality TV. He would take it to the next level. This would be amazing. Like how often does he do the Birdman celebration, the wing flapping? Are there specific points during the day that warrant wing-flapping? Or is it all random? He also has the best pickup line ever: “I don’t dance. I just flap my wings.”

3. J.J. Barea– I just want to follow him around for a day, a week, a month to see how often he gets refused at doors because people don’t know who he is. If they need him, Frankie Muniz could kill in this lead.

2. Leon Powe– One of the more amazing stories of a professional athlete anywhere. He often lived out on the streets growing up, and his family moved more than 20 times before he and his siblings were finally put into foster care. Even on the court, he’s had issues with multiple major knee injuries. But he never quit.

1. Zach Randolph– Is there anything else that needs to be said? Outside of the Ying-Yang Twins, Z-Bo had perhaps the most classic MTV Cribs showing of all-time. Matter of fact, Hollywood should make a movie out of this, cast Anthony Anderson to play Randolph and hire Bill Duke to play the detective who comes in and tells Z-Bo: “You know you done f***** up right?” Now, that Randolph is giving his story a good ending, this needs to be shown the light.

Which NBA player deserves his own documentary?

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