The NBA’s 15 Best GIFs This Season

11.18.13 6 years ago
Basketball fanatics know that the world is a better place when the NBA is in full swing. While the season has yet to reach its quarter mark, the best basketball on the planet has not disappointed its fans, as multiple game-winners, phenomenal displays of athleticism, and renewed rivalries have all come out of the woodwork in the early season.

Thanks to technological advancements, basketball and sports fans have GIFs to capture the highlights, funny moments, and just about everything else that the NBA and its players continually provide on and off the court. With that said, let’s take a gander at the 15 best GIFs from the NBA so far this season.

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15. Chris Paul Ankle-Breaker Against Jeremy Lin
Is this the best example of Chris Paul’s top-notch dribbling skills? No, not even close. However, CP3’s penetration moves are so quick that he left Jeremy Lin in his dust before Lin even had a chance to set up on D. In fact, once Paul made his move, Lin was thrown off-balance and reaching for the floor. A good ankle-breaker always makes for a great GIF.

14. Lance Stephenson Gets Technical for Laughable Taunting Move
Ah, the start of a fresh NBA season. The sounds of sneakers running on the court, basketballs pounding on the hardwood, and the whistle-friendly chimes of the referees are in full swing. Refs tend to become more lenient and let the players play more and more as the season gets older. However, in the early months of the season, it is a different story.

The Pacers’ Lance Stephenson was whistled for a “taunting” call against Tony Allen in a recent matchup against the Memphis Grizzlies, which resulted in Stephenson getting a technical. On a career night where he earned a triple-double, Stephenson palmed the ball and seemed to pump-fake it at Allen’s face. The ref felt that it was enough to warrant a T for taunting. Do you agree?

13. Ricky Rubio Tricky Pass Through the Legs of a Defender
Ricky Rubio is arguably the best passer in the league today and with the addition of Kevin Martin and a healthy Kevin Love on the court, the Spaniard has ideal targets to pass to.

Rubio is a wizard on the hardwood and on the Wolves’ November matchup with the Cavaliers, he showed off one of his magic tricks with this dish between-the-legs of Jarrett Jack to the posting Love for the epic dime.

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