15 Big Men With The Best Guard Skills In The NBA

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Big men are asked to do more than ever in today’s NBA. Guys who can stretch the defense or pass out of the post or even put the ball on the floor have been instrumental to winning teams in recent years. That’s where this list comes in, where we measure the big men with the best guard skills. This isn’t a list based on past awards or titles, but simply a list of the big men with the best “little man” skills. Some of these big guys could play guard in the league and that is why they are some of the best in the business.

Without further ado, the list of the top 15 big men in the NBA who have the best little man skills…

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Kevin Garnett’s offensive game is built around his midrange jumper, which he can get off from anywhere and against anyone. Garnett is a great passer (averaged at least 5.0 assists per game six times in his career) who looks to dish the rock even too much in the eyes of some critics, many of whom think he should have been more selfish over the course of his career. Garnett ignored the criticism and rode that jumper and unselfish play to a title in 2008 and is hoping to add another this upcoming season with the new-look Nets. Here’s five minutes of proof that the Big Ticket can stroke it.

Pau is one of the best European big men of all time. He is more of a traditional big man than, say, Dirk, but that doesn’t mean he can’t put the ball on the floor or shoot from deep. Pau has a feathery touch with both hands and can extend his range to almost the three-point arc. Like his brother Marc, Pau is a great passer who never hesitates to find his teammates (which must be difficult with Kobe yelling for the ball all game). Pau showed all these skills and more on the way to a triple-double last year against the Warriors.

Chris Bosh’s game never seems to get the respect it deserves. The guy can ball. He did a lot more in Toronto with a full arsenal of moves that he used on a nightly basis, but now he is asked to do different things. He has put his focus on his shooting and it has paid dividends – he hits his midrange jumper at an elite level and has added three-point range as well. Last year Bosh showed his former team just how on point that jumper has become.

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