2 Chainz Posted Up Kevin Garnett And Showed Off His Shooting Touch

05.02.17 2 years ago

Area 21 is the best segment addition to a sports television show in the past decade. It’s essentially a quarantined area (literally, in the Turner Studios, it’s separate from the Inside the NBA studio in a room by itself) in which Kevin Garnett has part of a basketball court (with a chain net), some couches, and cameras. A lot of times there’s food, and he just invites his friends over to talk about hoops.

It’s the perfect way to bring Garnett into television. It’s his own thing, where he gets to set the tone for the segment with his energy and enthusiasm. He’s often standing up or pacing, and is almost always squeezing a basketball like a two-handed stress ball. He’s fantastic and gets a lot of great guests and good nuggets out of interviews. Monday night’s broadcast was an especially good segment as he brought in Rasheed Wallace, Ben Wallace, and 2 Chainz.

2 Chainz, who explained the deep connection between basketball and rap to us at All-Star, loves basketball and played ball in high school and college. So, he took Monday night as an opportunity to show off his skills in front of KG and the Wallace boys, including posting up Garnett to show off his back to the basket moves.

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