5 Great NBA Kisses For Valentine’s Day

There are nine NBA games on the schedule tonight; if you have a significant other don’t expect to be watching as its Valentine’s Day. Turn off the game tonight and pay attention to your companion. Take it from someone who once made his wife a heart-shaped pizza, it’s the the little things that count. A kiss should not be considered a little thing though; it can make or break a quality date.

Perhaps you can learn some tips from these 5 NBA themed kisses:

5. Craig Sager “kisses” Shaquille O’Neal
Craig Sager is married to a former Chicago Bulls cheerleader so he knows how to woo the ladies. In this clip Shaq could care less about Sager’s flirting prowess as he was hoping to get a kiss from Shakira. Who wouldn’t be mad at Sager in this situation?

4. Kevin Durant kisses his mom
Kevin Durant is such a good son, what can’t he do? Don’t forget about your mom today – she would appreciate some Valentine’s Day love as well.

3. Dwight Howard’s Kiss the Rim Dunk
Dwight has had such electrifying performances in recent dunk contests that its easy to forget how he didn’t make it to the final round in the 2007 contest. Dwight re-tooled in 2008 and brought out all the props, but perhaps saving this dunk for the finals that he never made in 2007 was a mistake.

2. Dick Bavetta kisses Charles Barkley
Perhaps one of the greatest moments in NBA All-Star history. Still not sure why Dick Bavetta kissed Barkley, but it is absolutely great.

1. Jan Vesley kisses his girlfriend
There have been a lot of heartwarming moments during the NBA draft as moms or wives often cry when their son/husband gets drafted. Who can blame them; all of the hard work that it takes to make the NBA is finally realized in that one moment. Jan Velsey’s girlfriend, Eva Kodouskova, perhaps wanted to reward Jan for his hard work in a more intimate way.

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