5 Absurd Moments In New Drake Video “Hold On We’re Going Home”

Drake‘s new album Nothing Was The Same officially dropped yesterday (though it obviously leaked earlier). His new music video for the single “Hold On, We’re Going Home” pushes the boundaries of tacky, even for the former Degrassi star. Here are five ridiculous moments from the Scarface inspired video that really annoyed us.

No disrespect to Drake, but he can do a lot better. So can the director behind the 7-minute short video, Bill Pope.

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1) The setting of Miami in 1985 aligns with the Cocaine Cowboys and is an obvious Scarface facsimile. To say that rappers really like Scarface would itself be redundant; that’s how played out the movie has become in the rap game. We can remember MTV Cribs episodes from the early 2000s when it was already tacky to have a Scarface poster on your wall.

2) A$AP Rocky‘s bandana. I love Rocky. “Hell” with Santigold is a great song. So why is he in this drivel? And who persuaded him to wear that on his head? I couldn’t take a drug kingpin seriously if he was wearing that bandana, no matter what era it’s supposed to be from.

3) While his crew is in some sort of supply bunker, stocking up on ammo and guns in Drake’s mansion, the heartbroken singer is looking forlornly at the dress his girl was going to put on before she was taken in her lingerie. Shouldn’t he be focused on getting her back instead of just looking at that dress with a hurt look on his face?

4) Drake’s buddy tells him about the rat in their crew while Drake’s driving? That’s just bad timing. If Drake didn’t play it cool, there’s probably an auto accident as he freaks out at the treachery. Also, the rat appears to overhear Drake’s buddy since he looks at Drake in the rearview mirror with a guilty countenance. If you were a rat, wouldn’t you take that time to mess with the driver in an attempt to escape? And why is Drake driving anyway? If he’s such a big time drug dealer from the 80s, he’s got a chauffeur.

5) Why is Drake’s crew wearing hoods when they’re coming back on the adversarial drug dealer who kidnapped the girl? Obviously the rival dealer knows it’s Drake and his crew since they just took his girl. The hoods cut down on peripheral vision and they’re unnecessary since both sides know each other; why else would the kidnapper call Drake at the club to put his girl on? The hoods are the final straw. They don’t make any narrative sense.

The director of the video, Bill Pope, is the cinematographer from the Matrix trilogy. He should know better.

What do you think of Drake’s new video?

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