50 For The Future: Chris Paul & Chris Bosh

07.27.09 10 years ago 16 Comments

In 2002, the first issue of Dime, we ranked who we felt were the 25 most powerful people in the game of basketball. At the time, only six of the names on that list were actual basketball players. The rest was made up of agents, TV executives, attorneys, bigwigs in the NBA office, team owners, and other “suits” — the people we assumed would shape the future of the magazine. Today, we’re proud to say that our Dime #50 version of the power list has a much larger percentage of players. Dime has always been about putting ballplayers first, and over the last seven years, the player has become more powerful in the business and industry of basketball.

Halfway to the century mark for Dime, we made our updated list of the 50 people and personalities who will shape our next 50 issues. Each day we’ll drop a couple of entries on the site:

CHRIS PAUL, 24, New Orleans Hornets
What Mike was for one-on-one wing players who grew up in the ’90s, CP3 will be for pass-first point guards raised in the 21st century. Paul’s impact on the League has already manifested itself via the point guard position becoming more and more important over the last couple years. But his long-term impact won’t take shape until the kids who are watching him now get older; when we really see how CP made passing the ball cool again.

CHRIS BOSH, 25, Toronto Raptors
More than LeBron, Wade or any other superstar, Bosh seems most likely to change teams in the much-hyped 2010 offseason. The NBA’s resident self-marketing guru and undercover comedian is just waiting to break out in a bigger market, i.e. New York, Miami or L.A.

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