LeBron Says His Weight Loss Is “Not Such A Good Thing For The Competition”

In his first sit-down after announcing his return to the Cavs, LeBron James talks with Rachel Nichols for CNN’s Unguarded (airing Friday), and in a sneak peek of the airing he explains making amends with Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, who famously called LeBron a “coward” in his COMIC SANS letter to fans following 2010’s national televised Decision. LeBron also explained his weight loss this summer, saying he’s down to the “250-ish range,” which is still huge, but for James means added quickness, a change LeBron was quick to point out is bad news for his opponents.

After James explained his meeting with Gilbert to clear the air — before this summer, they hadn’t spoken in four years — Rachel started asking James about his diet. Before we give you the relevant back-and-forth, keep something in mind: 250 pounds is still really freakin’ big:

Rachel Nichols: You look lighter, how much did you lose?
LeBron James: I lost a few pounds. I lost — I haven’t been in this weight class in [a long time].

Nichols: Can you give me a ballpark?
LeBron: Right, I’m in the 250-ish range. A lot lighter than the weight I’ve been playing at the last few years, but I feel good.

Nichols: The diet was strict, right?
LeBron: Very strict. 67 days.

Nichols: And what did you eat, or not eat?
LeBron: I’ll tell you what I couldn’t have. No carbs. No sugar. No dairy. No refined sugar. No nothing. Meat, fish, veggies, fruit.

Nichols: What was the hardest thing to give up?
LeBron: Whoa. It was either pancakes, or chocolate chip cookies and ice cream.

Nichols: Did you go to bed dreaming about pancakes you couldn’t eat?
LeBron: All the time. Had the cookie monster chasing me a few times in my dreams.”

Nichols: Are you quicker around the court, now?
LeBron: I am. And that’s not such a good thing for the competition.

What’s crazy is that even after a Paleo diet, a svelte James still weighs more than most of the middle linebackers drafted into the NFL this summer.

If you want a basketball example, Basketball-Reference.com lists Karl Malone — who is an inch taller than James — at 250 during his playing career.

If you wonder why basketball fans and other NBA players sometimes marvel at James’ physical gifts, his big diet this summer that slimmed him down to just 250 pounds is a pretty clear example why. The guy is a physical freak regardless of what he is, and is not, consuming in his free time.

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