8 Overlooked NBA Moves You Need To Know About: The Fantasy Basketball Summer Fallout

Finally the Dwightmare is over and players are settling in to new deals and homes. There are still plenty of free agents to be had, but with some major pieces landing in place, it’s time to assess some fantasy values. If you’re looking for the fallout of the deals made before free agency started, they’re featured in our fantasy guide to the NBA offseason. And if you’re looking for the 12 moves that altered the landscape of fantasy basketball, check out part one of our roundup.

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MONTA ELLIS, Dallas Mavericks
Let’s be honest, Monta was going to get buckets no matter where he landed, but still, Dallas is in dire need of his output and the sky is the limit as far as his fantasy prospects go. His presence will hurt the fantasy values of Dirk Nowitzki, who will still be more than valuable and could see a spike in his efficiency with some offensive pressure taken off of him, and Jose Calderon, who was set for a fantasy revival before the ball-dominant Ellis landed in town. Still, Ellis will be a fantasy stud, especially because of the assists he puts up from the shooting guard position.

ANDREW BYNUM, Cleveland Cavaliers
Bynum is as boom-or-bust in fantasy as he is in real life. Take him too early and risk having an injured player on your roster for half the season. Take him too late and watch one of your friends steal a possible 20 and 10 guy. After buying into his never-to-be breakout season last year, I’ll be the guy waiting.

JEFF TEAGUE, Atlanta Hawks
I try to reserve these pieces for players switching teams, but the Hawks have changed drastically over the past couple offseasons, and are more tailored for Teague’s strengths. He broke out last year with a campaign of 14.6 points and 7.2 assists, but now without Josh Smith, Teague will have more responsibility with the offense. Look for him to improve on last season’s stats with the bump in his touches.

As long as he’s healthy, Kirilenko is a guarantee for defensive stats, but an injury riddled past makes him a huge risk to take on draft day. He could have made more money elsewhere, but instead opted to play for fellow Russian Mikhail Prokhorov, coming off the bench and sinking his stock. What’s the over/under for combined games played by Kirilenko and Paul Pierce? The less Pierce plays, the better for Kirilenko’s fantasy value

CHRIS KAMAN, Los Angeles Lakers
See. Kirilenko, Andrei. Like the Russian, Kaman has to keep himself on the court in order to make a fantasy impact. He had some of his best years as a Clipper, so maybe something in the Los Angeles water can rejuvenate his career. The D’Antoni system means tons of missed shots, so if he stays on the court, he will make for a worthy rebounder

J.J. HICKSON, Denver Nuggets
Hickson seems to be an afterthought in his post-Cleveland days, but last year he posted an efficient 12.7 points and 7.0 rebounds while shooting 56 percent from the floor. With Timofey Mozgov on the free agent market and Danilo Gallinari recovering from injury, Hickson should be able to carve himself out a nice role, but his upside is limited heading into his seventh NBA season.

Those hoping that a return to Detroit, where Chauncey became Mr. Big Shot, would revitalize his fantasy career are in for a let down. Yes, the Pistons are starving for stable point guard play, but at this point of his career, Billups is not much more than a spot-up shooting threat. His veteran presence is needed in the Motor City, but locker room guys get you nowhere in the fantasy game.

NICK YOUNG, Los Angeles Lakers
The competition between Young and Jodie Meeks for most three-pointers attempted is on! Young is just one season removed from averaging 16.6 points in 40 games with the Wizards so don’t sleep on his ability to score. He’ll have plenty of opportunity to play while Kobe Bryant is out and in an offense where he’ll have the freedom to take almost any shot he wants. He could be a wonderful end of the roster guy for your fantasy team.

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