This 8-Year-Old’s Halftime Dance Routine Is The Stuff Of Legend

Meet 8-year-old Trinity Faith Seline Jones, a third grader in Durham, N.C.’s Pearsontown Elementary School. She purportedly goes by Faith — though Trinity is a badass name, too — and I have faith she’s got more rhythm in her little finger than I’ve built up over my 30-plus years on this planet.

That’s her above at the North Carolina Central University (NCCU) halftime show against Howard on Monday night, and yes that’s her putting the cherry on top of her performance with a split at the end that gets the crowd more frenzied than the game ever did (We’re guessing on that last point; we didn’t see the game.)


As you can see, Faith is not messing around. I have no idea what specific dance she’s doing, since every new one I hear about sounds like an onomatopoeia from Batman fight scenes when Adam West was the titular hero.

Regardless, Faith can really dance, which isn’t something many of us can do. In fact, I’ve noticed a distinctive lack of dancing as I grow older and wearier of achy joints and muscles that can result after a night of struggling to ride the beat.

A split like she did probably means a trip to the emergency room for someone like me, but that’s fine. I still dance my ass off at weddings and the ocassional bar south of 14th St. People often stare and wonder why I’m flailing about. A while back I gave up caring as much about that sort of gawking. I’ve got Faith they’re just jealous because they also want to dance but something’s holding them back. It’s more likely they’re just incredibly embarrassed for me. But you don’t need to be embarrassed for Faith; she can really dance.

If you’ve read this far, maybe you can stand up and do a little shimmy, too. Even if it’s just to laugh at yourself, it’ll make you feel better. Have some Faith.