Aaron Gordon Launches Over The Top Of Marcin Gortat For A Powerful Tip-Dunk

It took less than two minutes of Aaron Gordon’s 2015-16 season for him to prove why the Orlando Magic remain so high on his future. That’s the hyper-athletic forward launching over the top of Marcin Gortat for an eye-opening tip dunk in his team’s opener against the Washington Wizards. And to end a wild first quarter, Gordon showed off his crazy hops twice more with a massive block and yet another soaring finish off a teammate’s missed shot.

Like the Magic in general, we’re not quite sure how well the human pogo stick will play this season overall. What’s already clear, though, is that Gordon and his team will be very, very fun to watch.

Orlando holds a slight edge over Washington early in the second quarter of a frenetic, up-and-down affair.