A Top High School Recruit Destroyed A Backboard During An AAU Tourney

If you’re a hoops fan, you’ve sure seen the rare but ever-exciting backboard breaking dunks by the likes of Jerome Lane (of “Send it in, Jerome!” fame) and Shaquille O’Neal while he was a member of the Orlando Magic.

The latest name who can claim backboard-breaking fame is Isaiah Stokes, younger brother of D-League player Jarnell Stokes and a top-100 recruit in the class of 2017. Stokes was playing in an AAU tournament in Las Vegas when he got his opportunity to literally bring down the rim on a breakaway and didn’t miss his opportunity.

Stokes is listed at 6’8, 275 pounds and was also a college football recruit at offensive tackle, so he certainly had the power to bring down a hoop. Still, it’s an impressive feat. Stokes told ESPN that he was trying to bring the hoop down, but didn’t think he could pull it off, saying, “I had intentions to try and break it, but I didn’t think I’d be able to do it.”

The young player had to get stitches in his hand after the jam, and the court was shut down for three hours. But let’s be real, a few minor abrasions were totally worth it, right?