Actor Ken Jeong Interviews Roy Hibbert On SportsCenter

If you’ve been living on a rock the last half decade, maybe you’re unfamiliar with comedian and actor Ken Jeong. He made famously nude turn in the original The Hangover movie and the two subsequent awful sequels, and he’s spent time on your television screens on NBC’s Community and in series of “It’s that guy,” Miller Lite commercials. Yesterday, the 5-5 actor interviewed 7-2 Pacers center Roy Hibbert.

Jeong — despite his often scatological onscreen persona — knows the NBA game, and he asked Roy about his health, his intense offseason workout regime and the one center he has the most trouble with in the league: Dwight Howard. Hibbert — who spoke with Jeong via satellite — was rocking the t-shirt his wife gave him with the Game of Thrones reference to keep him any groupies from getting the wrong idea.

At the end, Hibbert showed off his French Bulldog, Sadie, and Jeong said, “That’s the cutest thing I’ve seen in my whole life. And that includes my wife and kids — I’ll say it, I don’t care.”

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