Add This to Your Stephon Marbury Shrine

03.11.09 10 years ago 6 Comments

This picture might not look like anything special – but it’s supposed to. Seller cves0703 says that’s the ring of a teammate of Stephon Marbury‘s from Abraham Lincoln’s 1995 New York City Championship. Maybe this dude should splurge for a real camera instead of his cell phone if he wants to convince someone to pay $250,000 for it.

If the ring doesn’t completely sell you on making the purchase, then they’ll get you with the bonus yearbook.

“Also, as a bonus, included is the original 1995 Abraham Lincoln High School Yearbook. Includes pictures of Stephon Marbury, including graduation picture and basketball team picture. Only one available.”

UPDATE: The bidding is over. Sorry. But you still need to go to this page so that you can appreciate the yearbook. “Landmark 1995” is a work of art.

Source: eBay

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