The Beauty Is In The Details For This Year’s NBA All-Star Uniforms

This season’s NBA All-Star Game uniforms were unveiled to the public on Thursday morning and, while they may not look all that special from afar, they contain some pretty cool details that may make you a fan. The unis, designed by adidas, pay tribute to this year’s host city, Toronto, in a pretty excellent and unique fashion.

The most notable nod to The 6 is the typeface featured on the front of the uniforms, which matches the one worn by the Raptors. You also may notice that this year’s jerseys feature a Kia ad on the shoulder opposite of the adidas logo. Welcome to the future, folks!

But as you further inspect these jerseys, you’ll notice some more subtle nods to the city of Toronto. One of the cooler features is the skyline featured on the back of the uniform. The All-Star insignia is also featured within a maple leaf.

The shorts use the bold striping that adidas tried to make work with many of last year’s March Madness jerseys. I’m personally not a huge fan of that style, but, again, there are some pretty cool details within the design. The star alongside the shorts features the same raptor claw that typically tears through a basketball on the Raptors new logo. The star is contained within another maple leaf outline, which is subtle but awesome.

Along with the uniforms, the game’s warmups were also unveiled. They feature the black and gold color scheme that Drake infused with his special OVO alternate uniforms this season. The also feature patches that acknowledge the number of NBA All-Star appearances for each player, while additional patches on the right zipper pocket highlight additional achievements won by players, such as MVP awards and NBA championships.

Overall, I’d say it’s a pretty clean look. All-Star Games are typically a forum where designers like to get crazy and try out some new, crazy fads, so it’s refreshing to see adidas go simple while still providing some cool features that help make them very Toronto.