Adidas Markets To Thunder Stars’ Inner “Nerds”

06.19.12 6 years ago

Russell Westbrook Nerd Shirt

For some strange reason the biggest fashion trend for NBA players nowadays is wearing glasses without lenses. Most notably, Russell Westbrook is leading this trend causing Thunder fans to don fake glasses in their support of the team. This whole glasses craze has lead to some amusing quotes from Westbrook.

When asked why he doesn’t have lenses in his glasses Westbrook responded, “I see better without them.

Westbrook has also laid claim to starting the whole glasses trend:

“I’ve been wearing glasses since I’ve been in the league,” Westbrook said. “I think everybody else just started wearing them now.”

While LeBron and Dwyane Wade have disputed Westbrook’s claim, Adidas seems to have embraced it by creating the “Geeked Up” shirt. The shirt is available in two different styles, one with Westbrook’s image, the other with Kevin Durant‘s image, and has both of them sporting “nerd” glasses. Both Durant and Westbrook are Nike athletes, so it’s puzzling, to say the least, how Adidas can market merchandize with their likeness on it. But somehow they are doing it.

Selling for $27.99 at the NBA Store, scoop up a shirt before the Finals ends and like Adidas says “Make peace with your inner nerd.”

Will you cop these?

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