Adrian Wojnarowski Showed He’s Still Not Sure How Things Work At ESPN When He Walked Into A Live Shot

07.05.17 9 months ago


Adrian Wojnarowski is just a few days into his time at ESPN, and that means there will be some awkwardness as he gets used to the job. Where are the bathrooms? What’s the 401(k) policy like? Are there snacks in the break room?

Camera work takes time, too. It’s been obvious that he’s still a bit green on camera, and it’s not an easy adjustment. What you need it time, and to know where the cameras are. But that’s something that got him in trouble on Tuesday when Wojnarowski accidentally walked right onto your television screen.

ESPN anchor Cary Chow was live on air when a shadow grew behind him on the glass set. As Chow set up a segment that included a phone interview with Chris Forsburg that shadow grew closer. Then all at once, Woj came into view and he immediately realized he was on camera.

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