Jordan Brand Is Celebrating Chinese New Year With A Swank Fireworks Colorway

Chinese New Year is a notable event on the holiday calendar and the shoe calendar, and Nike is honoring the Chinese holiday with a number of different colorways for its Jordan Brand. Nike usually uses the holiday as an opportunity to emulate the Zodiac and pick symbolism from it to use in its shoes. This time, though, it’s decided to celebrate in a more colorful way.

One of the most striking is a Air Jordan 6 Retro that features huge fireworks explosions and floral accents on an all-black background. The colorful and striking design is one of a few different Chinese New Year-themed designs the Nike company is announcing ahead of Chinese New Year, which is on Friday, February 16 in the upcoming year.

As Sneaker News points out, Jordan Brand did a similar thing with its Air Force 1s this season, though in a much more reserved way. The all-white Air Force 1 kept its fireworks limited to inside the swooshes on each shoe with minor red accents on the Nike logo.

Other Jordan Brand shoes were a bit less reserved. Here’s a look at the Air Jordan 32 with its own floral and firework accents.

It’s a fun look that Nike seems to be giving a few different grades between flashy and subtle. I think I’m more of an Air Force One when it comes to my celebrtions but, hey, to each their own.