Why It Doesn’t Make Sense For The Hawks To Trade Al Horford To The Celtics

01.31.16 2 years ago 3 Comments
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The Atlanta Hawks are soaring high as the current fourth seed in the Eastern Conference. Yet, according to some reports, they’re ready to make a major change – dealing either Jeff Teague or Dennis Schroder – that will drastically alter the team’s make-up.

Now, more detailed reports are coming out regarding which teams are interested in the Hawks’ point guards – among them, the Boston Celtics. According to Chris Mannix, the Celtics have asked the Hawks not just about Teague, but Al Horford as well.

“I’ve heard that Boston’s inquired about several players with Atlanta, Teague and Al Horford. Teague might seem like a weird fit with this team because they already have point guards, but he is an asset, he’s someone the Celtics could be interested in.”

As Mannix notes, Teague would be a weird fit with the Celtics backcourt, but it’s at least plausible that the Hawks part ways with him. Horford, on the other hand, sounds much more unlikely.

Horford is arguably the Hawks’ best player, indeed one of the best players in the NBA. While he’ll command a massive salary when his contract expires after this season, there’s no reason to believe the Hawks won’t give it to him. Further, trading Horford to a conference rival with a competitive timeline that is only a year or three behind yours makes no sense, regardless of what the Celtics can offer.

The Hawks may be sellers at this year’s deadline, but there’s a difference between dealing your point guard and your best player. The former signifies you’re ready to give the reigns to his heir, the latter indicates you’re ready to start over entirely. It’s hard to imagine the Hawks are at that point, or even approaching it.

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