Al Horford’s Sister Trolled Hawks Fans For Being Quiet During His Atlanta Days

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By now, you’d think everyone would know that you should not mess with Anna Horford, the sister of Boston Celtics big man Al Horford. Back in November, some people got mad over Al taking some time off to tend to his wife, who just gave birth to a child. Anna decided to tell one specific person who made a big deal out of the whole thing to “f*ck right off” because, well, Al’s wife just had a baby and he was being a good person.

Anyway, on Monday night, Horford and the Celtics went against his former team, the Atlanta Hawks. Anna watched the game and even mentioned that it was strange watching a Hawks game and rooting against them.

At one point, things got kind of chippy between Horford and Dwight Howard. Anna was not having this.

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