Al Horford’s Sister Fired Back At A Reporter’s Suggestion That Al Skip The Birth Of His Child

11.29.16 1 year ago

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Fair warning: What you are about to read is a very boring hot take. Hot takes are always bad but we can’t deny there are levels of hot takery. There’s a hierarchy. But this sub-par hot take rises to the level of #content because the sister of the player involved in said hot take drops true fire that we should all enjoy.

Al Horford plays basketball for the Boston Celtics. His wife, Amelia, gave birth to their daughter in Atlanta. Al skipped the Celtics’ game in Miami that night, a game the Celtics won, to be with his wife, who just pushed a human being out of her body. If you’ve used the Internet at all in your life, you know the take that is coming.

Michael Felger, a Boston guy on Boston TV and Boston radio, offered a take you’d think came from someone who worked in Titon Falls, Wyoming — Al should’ve hopped a flight from Atlanta to Miami to play basketball. I warned you. It’s an uninspired take from someone you’ve never heard of that wouldn’t garner the valuable attention of Uproxx if not for Al’s sister, Anna, coming off the top rope to defend her brother.

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