Alec Burks’ Dunk Could Be The Best Of The Season, But The Reaction Of His Teammates Was Even Better

This gravity-defying slam by Alec Burks will surely go down as one of the season’s best. Not only does the Utah Jazz guard take off from just outside the paint, but he rises up, over, and through Phoenix Suns big man Jon Leuer before finishing with aplomb, too.

What a play. Still, what might be even better than Burks’ dunk? The reaction of his teammates, of course.

Utah’s bench is one thing; that’s among the most excited NBA sidelines we’ve ever seen. But check out fellow high-flier Trevor Booker in the near corner.

Yeah, we’re not quite sure what to call that. Considering the jaw-dropping quality of Burks’ dunk, though, we’re hardly blaming Booker for his hilariously awkward celebration, either.