Watch Alex Morgan Talk Some Trash To Kobe Bryant In A Game Of ‘FIFA 16’

USWNT star Alex Morgan has been doing some promotional work for FIFA 16, which will be the first FIFA game to feature women’s teams including Morgan (who is also on the cover) and the defending World Cup champions.

Having spent part of his childhood in Italy, Kobe Bryant is a noted soccer fan himself, and the two got together for some friendly competition on the new game.

Kobe got the upper hand with getting to play as the USWNT while Morgan was Canada, which seems unfair that Morgan was not able to play as herself, but I digress.

Morgan wasn’t going to just let this meeting of two of the top athletes in the world go without any trash talk, as she gave Kobe the classic line of, “When did you learn how to pass?” To his credit, Kobe had an excellent response saying, “Who said I ever learned?”

In the end it was Kobe getting the last laugh, however, as he used Morgan in the game to beat Morgan in real life for a 2-1 victory.

While Morgan may not have been the most natural on camera presence I’ve ever seen, I’ll give her a pass (no pun intended) on this one as she’s already proven to be one of the best athletes on the Internet.

As for Kobe, he may very well want to rack up as many wins in FIFA as he can before the NBA season starts, because I’m not so sure that the Lakers will get enough of them in 2015-16 to keep him happy.