Meet The Master Who Teaches Players To Be Slam Dunk Contest Champs

02.15.17 1 year ago

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The Dunk Competition has been the marquee event of All-Star weekend for decades. Players of all shapes and sizes combine to make high-flying, acrobatic, and outrageous art that seems downright impossible.

Last year, it was Zach LaVine versus Aaron Gordon in a must-watch battle for the ages. This year, it’s no different and quite possibly better with the amount of freakishly athletic dunkers the NBA recruited. Since 2014, the Dunk Competition has slowly progressed from almost being taken off the NBA’s event list back to a must-watch, must-see event. It’s fresher than ever, with high stakes and more creative slams.

There’s no coincidence that Chuck Millan, owner and founder of Team Flight Brothers, was part of the reason for the resurgence in the NBA’s most touted All-Star festivity.

“I went into the contest thinking that I would do a 360 dunk,” the Thunder’s Victor Oladipo, runner-up in the 2015 NBA Dunk Contest, told DIME. “But after talking with Chuck, he talked me into doing the 540. He told me how to approach it and showed me some examples, one of which I went with and got a perfect score. Now, I’m the first and only person to ever do a 540 in an NBA Dunk Contest.”

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