Allen Iverson Didn’t Show Up To The BIG3’s Dallas Event And No One Knows Why

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Allen Iverson‘s return to the basketball court with the BIG3 has been a rough ride as the Hall of Famer has only made brief appearances in games and was held out of his homecoming in Philadelphia after a last minute announcement. Iverson was the marquee signing of the fledgling league earlier this year, and much of the hype around the league’s inaugural season was due to Iverson’s presence along with other former NBA stars.

Unfortunately, Iverson hasn’t been able to appear too much on the court, but even for the Philadelphia event he couldn’t play in, he still made an appearance on the sidelines to coach. That wasn’t the case on Sunday night in Dallas, as the BIG3 released a statement noting Iverson had no-showed the event without notice, and they did not have any information on the matter.

As the statement notes, there was no advance notice from Iverson, and the league is investigating where he is and what happened that kept him from showing up, but it’s another unfortunate late announcement regarding Iverson on the day of games that will likely not make fans too happy. Hopefully, for his sake, there’s nothing health-wise that’s kept Iverson from making the appearance.

As more information becomes available, we will update this story.

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