Allen Iverson Might Have Left His Basketball Hall Of Fame Trophy Back At A Springfield Sheraton

09.14.16 3 years ago

Allen Iverson was rumored to be a guy who liked to enjoy himself when he was a player. However, just in case, let us not read too much of that into the fact that Iverson allegedly left his Hall of Fame trophy at a hotel.

There is a photo purporting to show Iverson’s Hall of Fame trophy at a Sheraton in Springfield, Massachusetts, which is where he was recently enshrined as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. There is indeed a picture of a trophy that has Iverson’s name on it. It is not out of the realm of possibility that Iverson would forget his trophy. These things happen. People have forgotten more important things in hotels. Like phone chargers.

Additionally, there are a few reasons why Iverson could be forgiven for forgetting his trophy. First, did you even know the Hall of Fame trophy was a thing? How far down the pecking order is this trophy? You get your Hall of Fame jacket, and that’s cool. Plus, you are put in the Hall of Fame. That’s kind of what’s most important. Does anybody care about the Hall of Fame trophy?

Second, it’s a pretty boring looking trophy. It’s not the Stanley Cup or something. It’s dull and you could easily forget it is even in the room at all. It looks like a piece of cheap hotel décor. Maybe Iverson “forgot” his trophy, like you “forget” that sweater you were given for Christmas.

If Iverson did indeed forget his trophy, and wants it back, hopefully he gets it. Otherwise, somebody just got themselves a decent souvenir just for showing up at the right Sheraton.

(h/t r/nba)

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