Allen Iverson’s Favorite Jordan Story Involves MJ Smoking A Cigar Before His Last All-Star Game

12.06.18 9 months ago

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As LeBron James’ career progresses and he continues to climb the all-time leaderboards in NBA history, the greatest of all-time debate between he and Michael Jordan will only get more contentious. To some, he’s already there. For others, he’s close. But for many, he’ll never stand a chance of passing Jordan.

You can count Allen Iverson among those that will never put LeBron or anyone else ahead of Jordan. The Hall of Famer recently penned a piece for the Players’ Tribune to try and tell some stories about himself that aren’t the ones everyone’s heard — you know, practice, Ty Lue, etc. — and let his fans and detractors know a little more about him.

One of the stories leads off by him explaining that LeBron can never surpass Jordan in his eyes and no amount of argument on LeBron’s behalf, no matter how strong the stats are, can change his mind. As Iverson explained, “We’re talking about Black Jesus himself,” when discussing Jordan, and he offered up his favorite Michael Jordan story.

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