Allen Iverson Explains Why He Wore Air Jordans On ESPN Instead Of Reebok

Allen Iverson has always played by his own rules. Why should anything change now that he’s a Hall of Famer?

Iverson was elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame, along with Shaquille O’Neal, Monday afternoon. So naturally, he began an immediate self-promotional tour. That included going on ESPN’s SportsCenter. But Iverson was wearing something that was just a little off: Jordans.

Iverson has been a lifelong Reebok client and even has that famous $32 million trust from Reebok set to kick in on his 55th birthday, though it’s unclear exactly how much of that money he’ll get since he signed away at least some amount of it to his ex-wife.

The former 76er, Nugget, Grizzly and Piston later clarified his fashion choice on Instagram:

I am Reebok for life but today I’m paying tribute to the man who gave me the vision, the Greats of All Time, MJ

That wasn’t the only Michael Jordan-related Instagram Iverson would leave on the day. He also posted a video of M.J. congratulating him on his induction.

(Via Instagram)