Allen Iverson Responds To His Fans

03.09.10 9 years ago 38 Comments

We’ve been down with Allen Iverson since the beginning. From the cover of Dime #1 up until now, there has probably never been a player that meant more to us. Personally, the walls of my bedroom growing up are still covered with poster of A.I. (in seemingly every different iteration of a Sixers jersey), and my AAU teammates can attest to the headbands, arm sleeves and even temporary tattoos I wore during games. That’s why after all that has surfaced in the past week, it’s so hard to read this:

“To my fans: You all know that my life isn’t perfect. I am going through some very tough times right now, like I am sure that we all do from time to time. However, I will stand tall like always with “rhino” thick skin. Even though I have become used to hearing people say things about me that aren’t true, it still hurts. I encourage you to continue your ongoing support and I want you to trust that this is another obstacle in my life that, with God’s help I will overcome. God Bless You All.”

The following statement came across Iverson’s Twitter feed last night, and it speaks volumes of where his head is at. If half of the rumors are true, then Iverson “going through some very tough times right now” is an understatement. As Austin wrote last week, who knows what the future may bring for A.I., but at least we know we’ll always have the past.

What do you think? Will the end of Iverson’s career tarnish his legacy?

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