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11.11.08 9 years ago 15 Comments
Al HarringtonI have a win-win trade proposal for fantasy owners.

Leave your comments/concerns/trade offers/roster problems and more in the comments box.

Kevin Martin – Sprained ankles are everywhere. Marin is expected to be out a week to 10 days but you’ve seen what’s happened with Redd and Deron Williams. John Salmons is going to get BUCKETS while Martin is out.

OJ Mayo – I watched most of this game. For the second game in a row Mayo went bananas for a period of time, this time in the 4th. He then seemed to get a little tired and make some mental errors towards the end of the game with a couple of bad turnovers. That being said, Mayo is an awesome scorer who is going to have some off nights has keeper potential. My only worry is this – If Mayo is hitting the wall in games, what happens when that rookie wall comes around in the second half of the season? Mayo played 44 minutes last night. He played, what, about 30 games last year? Owners should consider “the wall” if they get a good trade offer.

Yi Jianlian – Big night for Yi last night coming off a 1 for 10 performance a couple days ago. Last night Yi went for 24 points and 10 boards. His rebounding numbers are what’s most impressive right now. He’s average 8.2 boards a game and in his last 4 games has a 10, 11, 9, and 8. He’s hit 9 threes in 6 games. At the very least he’s intriguing.

Udonis Haslem – I’m a big Udonis Haslem fan. He’s been an excellent steal this year and is averaging extremely steady point and board numbers as well as shooting 65% from the field. BUT, Haslem is the Heat’s starting center and has exactly ZERO blocks this season. That’s right. Zero. As a fourth forward, you can get by with that because of the help he gives you in other categories. As a center, it doesn’t fly.

Mike Conley – I am telling you, at some point this season Conley will put it together. That time is most definitely not right now though. Goose egg in 25 minutes last night. Another guy that I’m having trouble justifying telling people to hold onto.

Jamario Moon – He’s still owned in 84% of ESPN leagues and I have no idea why. He isn’t consistently bringing value to the table right now. If Bosh or Jermaine get hurt, the story is much different. Moon had 5 and 7 last night in 16 minutes and is now averaging just 8 points and 3.6 boards a game.

Andrea Bargnani – We were just saying nice things about him too. After three straight decent games, Bargnani went for a whopping 2 points last night. He was in foul trouble, but he’s very hard to recommend.

Leandro Barbosa – Barbosa was absurd last night, somehow scoring a crazy 27 points in only 22 minutes. He was hitting threes, follow ups, and everything else. Awesome night. Did I mention he only played 22 minutes? Tough to own.

Al Harrington – He’s “injured” with back problems and is supposedly out two weeks. Here we go. Ray Felton for Al Harrington. I have no idea if that works cap wise (throw in Matt Carroll?) but Felton would be awesome in G-State and Harrington would get every minute at the four in Charlotte. Done deal.

Sebastian Telfair – Randy Whitman came out and publically said that Telfair was his starting point guard. It actually feels right for a ton of different reason. Foye is just more of a 6th man and Telfair is their only true point guard. You could get decent assist numbers from Telfair. Little else though.

Travis Outlaw – I’ve said it a couple times, Outlaw is playing big minutes and it doesn’t matter if he’s starting or coming off the bench because he’s consistently putting up real stats. In 41 minutes last night, Outlaw had 20 points and 5 boards.

Rudy Fernandez –
Rudy continues to put up stats. 16 points, 4 threes, and 3 steals last night.

Steve Blake – Blake had his best game of the season last night with 20 points. I’ve been a big Blake fan but this year he is very very hard to own as anything other than a deep league injury filler. I’ll say this though, in a crowded Blazers roster, Blake is averaging 32 minutes a game.

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