Amazing Dunk Contest Video

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We thought this pic taken yesterday afternoon was definitely worth running on the site (as is the video after the jump).

Yesterday was day two of the Lakers 3-on-3 Tourney and the competition was fierce. For those of you that know about Spokane Hoopfest where we were earlier this summer, the same people came down to run this. But regardless of all the great hooping in the games, the highlight was without a doubt the dunk contest on Nike Center Court. With eight participants, including the legendary Guy Dupuy and T-Dub, the celebrity panel that included JA Adande, Cedric Ceballos and AC Green couldn’t put their 10s down. And literally for Guy’s dunks that was the case as he didn’t get anything but 50s all day. These included dunks I had never seen before, and I’ve seen every dunk contest since Isiah Rider took it in 1994 (think that was the year) and scoured YouTube for days.

Try bouncing the ball to yourself and then dunking over four guys while putting the ball between your legs. Wow! Our girl Michelle (who took the pic) made it to the Finals in her division but lost by one. In the Elite Division, Nick Ansom and the crew from Venice Beach lost in a tough battle – which must have been hard after he lost in the White Men Can’t Jump tournament just a couple weeks ago.

Check out Guy Dupuy’s work in yesterday’s dunk contest – sick. We’re sure the haters will have at it, but there are multiple dunks in there that no one in the NBA can do.

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