Amazing NBA GIF: Tony Allen Wins the Academy Award For His Acting

Remember this play from Game 2 of the Memphis Grizzlies/San Antonio Spurs series on Tuesday night? With less than :30 second to go and the Grizzlies storming back from a double-digit deficit, Manu Ginobili was called for a flagrant foul for hitting an airborn Tony Allen on the way to the hoop.

Allen hit the free throws and the retained possession set the stage for a Mike Conley bucket to tie the game and send it to overtime.

Now, there was some static about Allen selling the foul to make it look worse than it was. If he did, good for him, because it worked and put Memphis in a spot to eventually win the game.

@ScottJohnson48, a producer for Toronto’s, thought that Tony’s acting was of an award-winning level and created this .GIF:

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