Here’s Kelly Olynyk Attempting To Eat A Burrito In Four Bites As Amir Johnson Narrates

The series of events leading up to this video aren’t ever said, but they aren’t too hard to figure out: Boston center Kelly Olynyk got a large burrito before a team flight. There was probably some kind of discussion on the plane about the size of it, and after Olynyk took a normal sized bite, he likely claimed that he only needed four more bites to finish the entire thing.

Everything from that point on was recorded and posted to the Snapchat account of Celtics forward Amir Johnson. A group of Boston players gathered around while Olynyk tried to inhale this monstrosity of a burrito. It’s hard to tell if he’s able to do it, but it looks like Olynyk’s able to pull it off thanks to a gargantuan bite at the very end where he shoves way too much burrito into his mouth.

The best part of the video, though, is the commentary. There’s a fair amount of banter from guys who think that Olynyk isn’t going to get the job done while Johnson is providing a wholly unique blend of play-by-play. Johnson achieves a special mix of silliness, condescension and inspiration when he screams during the final bite, “Eat it! Eat it like you eat the booty!”

Hopefully this leads to more videos of Celtics players eating impossible amounts of food while their teammates crack jokes in the background.