Amy Schumer Snuck Into LeBron’s Locker Prior To A Show In Cleveland

There have been many great celebrity-athlete friendships over the years. Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughey. Tom Brady and Donald Trump. Lil Wayne and every single athlete who has ever lived.

But there may not be a better celebrity-athlete friendship right now than the one between LeBron James and Amy Schumer. The two got to know each other while they were co-stars in Trainwreck, a movie written by and staring Schumer which featured LeBron in a prominent role. Apparently, their friendship goes beyond the set – it seemed like they really got along while they were filming the movie, so that’s not a surprise – as Schumer hung out in the Cleveland Cavaliers’ locker room on Thursday night.

Well, she didn’t hang out as much as it looks like she snuck into the locker room and decided to chill out in LeBron’s locker before a show at Quicken Loans Arena. We can’t blame her for doing this – LeBron looks like he has a huge locker with ample space for reading a book, getting prepared for that night’s stand-up set, or if she is feeling up for it, working on a sequel to the most popular film of her career that would conveniently leave out any appearances by Bill Hader. And besides, even if she gets in trouble for this, all she has to do is call up LeBron and he’ll have her back.