Andre Drummond Got Dunked On Two Separate Times At Drew League Over The Weekend

All summer long, NBA players can be found playing in pickup games at venues such as the Drew League in Los Angeles. It can lead to plenty of highlights, of both the good and bad variety. For Andre Drummond, it was the latter, as he got destroyed twice by poster dunks over the weekend.

That will happen from time to time when you play defense like Drummond does, and to his credit, he was a good sport about it. He even used the hashtag #goodsport when tweeting about his victimization afterwards, just so you knew exactly how good a sport he was being about it.

Despite those two plays, though, Drummond put up the kind of numbers you’d expect an NBA All-Star and All-NBA caliber big man to put up in a pickup game.

Amazing things happen at the Drew League all the time. It’s where basketball fans in Los Angeles go during the summer to get their fix of NBA players dominating pickup games. But sometimes, it goes the other way, and now Drummond’s bold shot-blocking attempts will live in Internet glory forever.

Luckily, the 22-year-old has a brand-new $130 million deal with the Pistons to help ease the pain.

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