Andre Drummond & Jennette McCurdy Visit Disneyland

The blossoming friendship/romance between 21-year-old actress Jennette McCurdy and 20-year-old Pistons big man Andre Drummond stayed on course as the pair went to Disneyland this Labor Day weekend.

After an online campaign to win her affection, Drummmond and McCurdy finally got to meet this offseason, and this weekend they took a trip to Disneyland.

Once there, they decided to ride the carousel; except, Drummond didn’t get a horse that moved.




Also, McCurdy is 5-3 and Drummond is 7-0, so communicating can be tricky when they’re hanging out. They lampooned this problem nicely in another Vine video.


The pair then joined friends to mess with strangers by calling out random people’s names. Andre was delighted.


They also snapped photos.

And sometimes Andre had to physically remove friends from, well, we don’t know what is going on here at all.

The youngsters do seem to enjoy each other’s company, though.

Training camp starts in a month, don’t worry.

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