Andre Iguodala Posted A Curious Tweet After The Warriors’ Meeting With Kevin Durant Went ‘Very Well’

On Thursday, reports came down that Kevin Durant’s mind was “90 percent” set on staying with the Thunder next season, but the superstar is still going forward with his meetings in the Hamptons.

The Warriors recently completed their pitch to the former NBA MVP, and they brought everybody, including the 2015 Finals MVP, Andre Iguodala.

While it may not be enough to make Thunder fans sweat just yet, the reports are that the Warriors’ meeting with Durant went “very well.”

Further fueling the speculation that Durant might jump to Oakland is the fact that Durant was present back in 2010 when Steph Curry first convinced Iggy to join the Warriors.

Which brings us back to Iguodala’s tweet. On the surface “Nah, b” doesn’t mean anything specific. It could be relating to one of 10 million things. But Iguodala is no dummy, he knows that the timing of any tweet of his is going to draw the interest of NBA fans everywhere, no matter how vague it is.

Iguodala could be throwing people off the scent, or he could just be messing with everyone without actually having any idea what Durant’s decision is going to be. Regardless, until we hear officially from Durant, everything posted to social media is going to be examined as a potential clue.