Andre Iguodala’s April Fool’s Prank On Warriors Teammate Festus Ezeli Was Cold As Ice

In our age of extreme wokeness, it can be tough out here for pranksters on April Fool’s Day. People are justifiably on their guard on April 1 (provided they remember what day it is), triple-checking any breaking news on Twitter and suspiciously eyeing every can of peanuts they’re handed (do people still do that?). If you’re dead-set on making an April Fool’s joke, you need to step your game up. Or, if you’re like Andre Iguodala, you can dispense with the entire point of April Fool’s and just prank a dude on a random day in March.

In a video, Iguodala sets up an elobrate hoax on his Golden State Warriors teammate Festus Ezeli, whose Lyft driver turns on a fake sports radio station, breaking the news that Ezeli has been released. Initially, he doesn’t seem to react much, but when Iggy gets damn near every member of the Warriors to text him condolences or anger, it really seems to hit Festus. Poor Festus.

Thankfully, Iguodala doesn’t torture him for too long before surprising him with cake and balloons — cake which Ezeli justifiably hurls at Iggy. I mean, Andre had Festus’ whole life crashing down around him for a second there — that’s as dark as any prank should get. Good thing Festus has a sense of humor:

Yet we can’t get past the injustice that is an April Fool’s prank in mid-March. It’s not as if pranks are banned the other 364 days of the year. Sure, we’re getting a bit pedantic, but there’s a pride in not getting April Fooled that comes, however cheaply, from being extremely woke on that day. Give him a decent shot at it, is what we’re saying.