Did Andre Iguodala Do A ‘Michael Jordan Shrug’ After His 3-Pointers Against The Clippers?

11.20.15 3 years ago 3 Comments

Late in last night’s come-from-behind Warriors win over the Clippers at Staples, Andre Iguodala hit a pair of three-pointers from the near and far corners, respectively. Both triples helped towards Golden State’s 13th consecutive victory to open the season, and both featured an “aw shucks, it ain’t no thang” shrug from Iggy.

Here he is making it 112-105 in the far corner with a little under five minutes left in the fourth.

And here’s the second one everyone threw up on VINE because the shrug was a lot more obvious.

While watching, we thought Iggy was merely highlighting how he’s become the de facto safety valve on the weak side any time Draymond Green is faced with those inevitable 4-on-3 situations. Opponents blitz Steph well before the three-point arc, and Iggy has feasted on the ensuing Dray pass to him in the short corners. As you can see in the GIFs above, that’s exactly what led to each Iggy triple on Thursday.

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